The idea of the humble vending machine has largely developed from being used just for snacks and daily essentials such as toothpastes to a completely new level. It has now became a Beauty Kiosk!

Beauty Kiosk has took the first move in making the beauty lovers’ lives easier, it brought all the beauty needs to be the closest to you. Be it a beauty product or a beauty service.

Beauty Kiosk’s mobile application will allow you to order your beauty products, get an order code, and then dispense your order from the Beauty Kiosk vending machine. Also, it will allow you to get all the beauty salon services right at your door steps by the Beauty At Home service in the same application.

Self-sale vending machines appeared more than 10 years ago and the idea of self-vending machines has evolved from just being used in selling everyday needs and snacks to be further developed by using them to sell clothes, shoes, cars and also cosmetics. Beauty Kiosk has taken the first step in facilitating shopping for beauty lovers. It has made all your cosmetic, makeup, tools and perfume needs closer than ever before. Available 24 hours in quick and easy steps.

From now on, Beauty Kiosk will be providing you with one stop shop for all the beauty products as well as a worry free Beauty Salon service.

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Beauty Kiosk – Your One Stop Beauty Shop

The Beauty Kiosk vending machine is the latest arrival of the vending machines smart hit. It allows you to combine your cosmetic products all in one cart on our application and then dispensing it through our attractive kiosk.

Beauty Kiosk has now made it easier for you to shop your cosmetic products all in one place, with a hassle free and very fast solution!

How to Work

  • 1
    Buy items on app, Pick up at the Machine

    "Beauty Kiosk" is a new platform that allows you to easily buy and collect beauty products from Innovation Vending Machines. Just download the application from the app store and register as a new user

  • 2
    Simple to use:

    Go to the Beauty Kiosk Section and choose the products you’d like to buy. Then, Confirm your order and get your order code.

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    QR Code

    On the Beauty Kiosk machine, scan your code and get your products instantly!


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